Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket review

Here is my short review of the Think Tank photo pixel rocket pocket memory card carrier. As an Adelaide wedding photographer I realise the importance of the photos that I capture. Although my camera gear is expensive, I always value my memory cards with the highest value. I was looking for a solution that would ensure that the photos I capture would be as secure as possible. Before using the Think Tank photo pixel rocket pocket memory car carrier, I would carry memory cards in my pocket. Luckily I never had any issues with this method, but I though that this may not be the safest option, and looked for alternatives. I found many rave reviews about the Think Tank carrier and though that I would give it ago. I must say that for me, I believe that this is the safest option for carrying my memory cards and I have complete confidence in this product. I know that I and many other wedding photographers have redundancy procures in place, such as having backup equipment, but I think we need to value our memory cards with the upmost importance. My memory card procedure starts by ensuring that all cards are blank and formatted before I start a wedding. I then have one compact flash card loaded in each camera and the remaining cards in my think tank card carrier. My carrier is then attached to my belt buckle and sits in my pocket. As soon as I have finished with one card it goes straight into the carrier, which never leaves my pocket. At the end of a wedding, all cards are taken from my camera and placed in the carrier. This ensures that all photos from the wedding never ever leave my side .

What I really love about the Think Tank photo pixel rocket pocket memory car carrier:

• Enough room for 10 compact flash or sdhc cards

• Can store business cards

• Highly visible in the rare case that it is dropped

• Very well built

Although the Think Tank carrier is inexpensive, I believe that it is one of the most impotent piece of equipment that I own.